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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the advantage of a professional pest control service when I can try to do it myself?
A:  One major advantage of a professional pest control service is that they are the only people who can apply pesticides. We also can supply the experience and knowledge to remove pests from places that you would never expect them to be hiding.

Q: Will I see results immediately?
A:  Not necessarily. The results will depend on the type of pest, the treatment you select, and the products used in the treatment. We will be sure to provide you  with all the information needed to know what to expect from your treatment.

Q: Are pests dangerous to me, my family, employees, and workers?
A: Yes, pests can be dangerous to those who live or work in close proximity to them. Food-borne illnesses are carried by some pests, while others can trigger allergic reactions. The structural integrity of your home, office building, or industrial site can also be compromised by these pests.

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