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Choose Golden Arrow Pest Control Inc. to Setup Mice Traps

Having mice in your home is dangerous as they can spread diseases and create an unhealthy environment. At times, mice can give you a tough time. However, with Golden Arrow Pest Control Inc. getting rid of the mice from your home will be an easy task. Our pest control specialists have the expertise to trap mice using various methods. Mice usually tend to follow one single path to sneak out of their hideout. Our associates observe the activities of the pesky critters in your home and trap them appropriately. If traps don’t work, we have various other methods to put an end to the critters in your house. 


You can follow certain counter measures to restrict mice from entering your house. Make your place less inviting for the mice by avoiding food spillage, covering holes and other entry points for the mice, and setting mouse traps.

Get in touch and allow us do the dirty job for you. We will make sure to make your place a mouse-free zone.



We follow proven methods to trap the mice and get rid of them before your eyes.

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