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We Provide Solutions for Squirrel Trouble!

Squirrel trouble in Edmonton? Squirrels seem harmless until they enter your home and damage your property. Golden Arrow Pest Control Inc. prevents the critter from ruining your home by setting up traps. Squirrels are smart and it’s nearly impossible to trick them into eating poisoned food. However, they can be caught by luring them into a trap. Our technicians will make sure to put an end to all your critter problems.

Once the squirrel is caught, you can count on our technicians as they make sure to release the trapped squirrels far away from your location.  Contact us to learn more about our services.


How to prevent squirrels from entering the premises?

Few important counter measures can help you avoid critters like squirrels from entering your property.

  • Trim tree branches that may overhang the roof line.
  • Remove firewood stacked against the building.
  • If there are cracks in the foundational wall, repair them.
  • Seal entry points


Contact us today to learn more about squirrel traps.

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Cornering the Squirrels

We provide the right equipment for you to trap the troublesome critters.

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